Facebook Lead Page & HD Prospecting Video

Facebook Lead Page & HD Prospecting Video – A custom HD video with your name or your customer’s unique business name. And the setup is very easy.

A Professional Facebook Fanpage HD Video Presentation easily customized with name, etc. A Simple and Professional way to sell Facebook Services. Use for your own websites or offer to your clients or customers who can benefit from a Facebook Fanpage. Send an email to a business that will include a special link back to your local HD video page.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Instant Content Curator Pro Software

Instant Content Curator Pro Software – Fresh Unique Content for your website/blog at the Click of a button. Get High Quality, Media-Rich Google-Love-Pulling Content on Your website in Seconds!!!  Fast And Most Easy To Use, 100% Foolproof Software On The Market That Replaces 99% Of The Mind-Numbing, Boring And Repetitive Tasks With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse.

You can manage all your blogs and add SEO-Rich Google-Love pulling Content quickly and easily from a single easy-to-use Multiple Blog Command and Control Center!

Instant Content Curator Pro is a standalone software that installs locally on your PC

The only difficult thing about content curation is that it is time consuming. And that’s why it’s important to automate each aspect that can be automated. If you’re not automating your day-to-day operations, you’re falling behind. And it will become harder and harder – and in time, impossible – to catch up.

Here’s what Instant Content Curator Pro can do:

Manage multiple blogs in one location (depending on the license you choose)

Quickly find targeted articles through Google “Feeds”

Quickly find targeted ezine articles for curation (and you saw the proof of how effective these are…)

Insert the curated articles with one click

Format your post for SEO with the click of your mouse (h1 tags and all that stuff are normally so confusing – not here!)

Quickly search for images which are legal to use (that’s important!)

Quickly search for and review targeted YouTube videos

Insert the images and videos you find into your post with one click  (NO embed code)

Details  –  CLICK  HERE

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WordPress Plugin – Converts HTML Pages To WordPress

HTML2WP WordPress Plugin – Converts HTML Pages To WordPress. All with just 4 clicks and in less than 1 minute – 100% guaranteed.

HTML2WP is a super-simple WordPress plugin that takes an existing, static HTML page and turns it into a WordPress page that looks EXACTLY like the original AND that can accept the Widgets of your normal active WordPress theme.

HTML2WP WordPress plugin takes your beautiful, static-HTML salesletters and turns them into identical-looking, WordPress-page, widget-ready, SEO powerhouses!

Sometimes, you want to upload a sales letter or a page from your HTML website on to a WordPress website, and have it look perfect. You need to upload the HTML file, .css file and images, and get the server “paths” just right with FTP software – something that isn’t the easiest thing in the world, unless you have the necessary technical knowledge.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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WP-TNT WordPress Keyword Research Plugin – $12.95

WP-TNT WordPress Keyword Research Plugin – $12.95 – If you have a WordPress platform website, WP-TNT plug-in is a must. A Test and Track keywords plugin with many useful features. WP-TNT plug-in  searches the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. with position information for your keywords and your website.

Easy to download and implement. Automated and tracks what works and what does not. Easily see the results by keeping an eye on YOUR competition. Impressive down-loadable data and graphs with up to date stats on demand.

Only – $12.95

Details – CLICK HERE

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Freshinator WP Plug-In – Auto Update Posts – $15.95

Freshinator WP WordPress Plug-In – Auto Update Posts – Keep Your WordPress website FRESH With The Freshinator Plug-in. The Freshinator WordPress Plugin delivers fresh AUTOMATED content to your OLDER Blog posts no matter when published and you can customize the Title and colors of the box to match your website for seamless integration.

The Freshinator WordPress Plugin turns your OLDER stale content into newer and fresher content. Simple and easy to configure.

The Freshinator AUTO inserts the “Fresh Box” with a number of newer post snippets that are randomly selected based on the category of the current post.

Only $15.95

Details – CLICK HERE

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Pinlet Magic – Pinterest Graphics App – $16.95

Pinlet Magic – Pinterest Graphics App – Make Your Own Gorgeous, Original, and Pinnable Pinterest Graphics In 60 Seconds or Less. No Graphic Design Experience Necessary. You can choose from 150+ backgrounds, many cool font styles, colors, sizes etc.

The Pinlet Plus Browser Application. This app is a simple drag-and-drop app to your browser toolbar. There’s no software to install.

Pinlet Magic eBook – 220 page PDF and Pinlet Magic Video.

Only  –  $16.95

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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WordPress Themes – Two Premium Designs – $16.95

Custom WordPress Themes – Two Premium Designs – Absolutely Beautiful WP Rainz & WP eStore Themes – Live Demos of actual websites to view. A long list of incredible features for both theme website templates. Unlimited colors, Slider Features, etc…

WP Rainz & WP eStore Themes  are compatible with All Major Browsers including Mobile. You have to see it to believe it.

Only  –  $16.95

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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GoBlog WordPress Website Theme Template – $9.95

GoBlog WordPress Website Theme Template with a unique, elegant and professional look with adjustable layouts to match with the content.

The Premium WordPress Theme website template is designed for newbies or professional webmasters who want the ease of customization without the need of coding expertise.

You can transform your website into an elegant and professional design in minutes. Many custom features offered by this custom design WordPress Theme template for your website.

Only $9.95

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Music Background Tracks For Your Videos – $9.95

Music Background Tracks For Your Videos – High Quality MP3s – Free Royalty License – PLR Resell Rights.

Make your videos pop with awesome beats that keep everyone’s eyes glued to your video. Did you know that videos with NO background music have a harder time keeping a person’s attention?

Instead of talking about something, make people “feel it” instead. Background music will help set the stage for your message. It also get your message across faster and more effectively.

It makes your video professional and polished.

Only $9.95

Details  –   CLICK HERE

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Sentry Pigeon – Prevent Hacking on Your Website – $17.00

Sentry Pigeon – Prevent Hacking on Your Website –  “What If You Suddenly Lost Everything You’ve Worked So Hard To Gain Online?”  Hackers use automated systems to hunt down vulnerable websites, and when they see an opportunity, they attack in full force.

“Turn Your Site Into A Fortress!”

Once you’ve downloaded your copy of Sentry Pigeon, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to arm your site against just about any current hack methods, and protect yourself in advance against future methods as well.

Sentry Pigeon is a High-Caliber Multimedia Package consisting of a Professionally Written Manual PLUS Video Case Study detailing how I got hacked and lost a whopping $22,000, as well as how you can prevent it happening to you…

With Sentry Pigeon, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that with just a few small changes, your online website will be safe and sound against the incredibly vast majority of potential threats, making your site more trouble than it’s worth for a hacker to even consider attacking.

Only $17.00

Details  –  CLICK HERE

Peel Away Ads Graphics – $17.00

Peel Away Ads Graphics – Great attention grabbing ads graphics to attract visitors to your offers! It’s curiosity that makes them click.

Use on WordPress or Standard Websites. Easy to install and use and installation video instructions included. Peel away script, PLUS 50 Ready Made Corner Peel Graphics Ads, PLUS 50 Attention Grabbing Animated Corner Peels.

Peel Away Ads Graphics – Getting your website or blog visitors to “SEE” what you want them to see is always one of the challenges of internet marketing. With a simple Page Peel script and these plug in graphics ads, that challenge can be addressed.

Only $17.00

Click  –  CLICK HERE

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IM Gold Miner – Affiliate Marketing Software

IM Gold Miner – Affiliate Marketing Software – Doing To Affiliate Marketing What Tweet Deck Did To Twitter.

IM Gold Miner instantly streamlines all your moneymaking activities using one simple software you use on your PC desktop. Control all of your affiliate business from one location. Get the actual and true EPC (Earning Per Click) figures. Search different forums. Build sales pages in minutes with NO technical skill required.

Know in advance what the best products are to promote. And many ore features…

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Big Bad Viral Ads – WordPress Plug-in

Big Bad Viral Ads – WordPress Plug-in – Full Viral Background Ads For Your WordPress Website or Blog. Use BBVA to send your affiliate links viral on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Sell ad space on your website or Blog. Sponsored posts, categories or pages.

MSN has been using Fullscreen background ads for years as a high-impact, rich-media channel for targeted audiences. They work because they stand out.

Choose exactly where to display your display ads – set an ad to display on every page, just one post or post. Set a start and expiration date for each ad. Add a customized message to your share popup – great for providing traffic incentive to “click” and send your link viral.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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AutoBlog Content Curation – WordPress Plugin

AutoBlog Content Curation – WordPress Plugin – This has to be one of the HOTTEST WordPress plugins to launch in a LONG TIME. It’s the 1st WordPress Plugin that curates content.

The biggest buzz has been around creating content that gets rank… and making sure to stay panda safe.

Now there is a plugin that makes it ONE CLICK EASY!

This plugin is SHEER genius. It actually creates content at the push of a button. This plugin seriously has it all!

Click Here – You gotta grab this as fast as you can.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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PR Power Shot – Domain Name Software

PR Power Shot – Domain Name Software – This is the only software application that outlines and delivers AGED (minimum 3 years) and HIGH Page Rank (PR 3, PR4 and beyond) domain names available for instant buy (mostly which you can order domains for under $10!)

When you buy an aged expired domain name, you benefit from the residual traffic and its links.

#1.  PR Power Shot – Domain Name Software is simple. It goes to Godaddy.com and checks the currently available expired and listed domains with the “buy now” option.

#2.  The Software searches by minimum domain age of THREE years; then it scrapes the top 2,000+ results from that search – and feeds them into our page rank API and outputs them for you in a spreadsheet.

#3.  The Software delivers back the domains and the Google PR score in a .CSV spreadsheet and a ‘real or fake’ PR check for you as well.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Niche WP Themes, Templates, Squeeze Pages

90 Niche WordPress Themes, Templates, and Squeeze Pages with PLR and MRR

This Amazing package allows you to create WordPress Niche Blog or Website in five minutes. And Install the beautiful WordPress Themes in less than FIVE CLICKS.

  • This awesome and Unique package includes:
  • 40 WordPress Blog Niche Themes40 Matching HTML Web Templates
  • 10 Matching Squeeze Pages
  • Master Resell Rights

All WP Themes are SEO Friendly and are customizable with expertly coded valid XHTML and CSS.

Advertisement ready – Use a short code to insert ads into posts, text widgets or footer.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Facebook Sharepoint – WordPress Plug-in

Facebook Sharepoint – Dominate Facebook using this HOT All-In-One NEW WordPress Plug-in by sharing your content on Facebook DIRECTLY from your Own Website.

Facebook Sharepoint is an All-in-One WordPress Plugin with FOUR powerful Features allowing you to share your content on Facebook or with whom ever you want. Yes, that’s right Four plugins in One.

Take advantage of the enormous size and popularity of Facebook by turning your visitors into customers and pick up your copy of FB SharePoint today…

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Niche Video Site Builder

Niche Video Site Builder – This is one of the most popular video website builders. Improved years after years, it now powers more than 410,000 video websites on the Internet with its unsurpassed features, and is used by more than 15,000 internet marketers.

The Best Niche Video Website Builder Is Just One Click Away From You! Video Websites receive much more visitor traffic than any other website.

One Minute Setup
Enter your Keyword(s), your Adsense ID (or any other ad) and upload. It won’t take you more than 60 seconds!

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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List Farmer – WordPress Plugin

List Farmer – WordPress Plug-in – List Farmer has been called “The Triple-Threat Weapon” because it combines THREE mega-powerful features into a single, easy to use WP plugin. If someone tapped you on the shoulder and handed you the exact rapid-fire system he used to build a mailing list of 63,000+ subscribers in a shockingly brief period of time, would you listen?

Quickly create unique, eyeball-grabbing pop-up boxes that compel your visitors to give you their email address (or any information you request) and the size of your list multiplies every week.

It also plugs you into the marketing power of Facebook Fan Pages. This same WP plug-in tool also allows you to “grab” your website visitors before they exit your site.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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WP Anchor Pro – WordPress Plugin

WP Anchor Pro – WordPress Plugin – Stop wasting your time creating anchor text links manually. This amazing WordPress plugin creates anchor text links throughout your entire WordPress website, and much more.

And WordPress Anchor Pro also includes a widget which rotates your anchor text automatically.

Great for linking out to Affiliate or CPA offers. It does not matter if your website has five pages or 1,000 pages. WP Anchor Pro Plugin can build internal banklinks with a single click!

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Google Share Button – WordPress Plugin

Google Share Button – WordPress Plugin – Google Has Announced the Brand New Google Share Button — It’s Answer to Facebook’s Share button.

“Use The Real Traffic Weapon That Google+ Has Unleashed — Without Touching A Single Line of Code!”

Google Share Button X3 WordPress Plugin is new and awesome. The Real Traffic Source from Google+ will be this new Share button!

It’s brand new and with this plugin, you can start implementing it today!!! But knowing Google, they expect us to know code because they are geeks… but who has time to mess with code… This WP Plugin will do it all for you – real easy.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Internal Links Maximizer – WordPress Plugin

Internal Links Maximizer – See How to Automatically Increase the Relevance and Quality Of Your Sites…

Automatic Relevancy Booster Built Right Into WordPress Dramatically Boost Your Value In The Eyes Of The Search Engines!

Increase The Rankings Of Your Sites with Internal Links Maximizer … Get WAY More Results With The SAME Amount of Backlinking!

This WordPress plugin will help the search engines determine exactly what keywords you are all about! They will instantly recognize your position on the web and reward you accordingly… Internal Links Maximizer Is A Cornerstone for SEO Success and Higher Rankings!

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Relevance Builder – WordPress Plugin

Relevance Builder – WordPress Plugin

Build relationships between posts or pages. Visual overview of your internal linking structure. You need to link to the right authority websites, the right way.

This WordPress plugin – Relevance Builder will save you a ton of tedious, boring, repetitive, annoying and frustrating work. The search engines will love your website.

Multi-Site and Developer License included for one super Low Price.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Own A Music Website – Music Clone

Own A Music Website – Music Clone — Harness the Power of iTunes.  Make a Killing Online Selling Music.  How would you like to own the the most powerful music website?  100% Fully Automated – Everything is automatically updated on a regular basis.

NEW music is added automatically, almost on a daily basis. This means running your music website is very easy with NO maintenance required.

Beautiful Design – Professional appearance – Exclusive features that are the state of the art in website development. Actual website demo to view and browse around. A WordPress platform with many features.

A Huge Music Database – 1,000+ Music Albums, Songs, Videos, Artists, Posters, Previews Customer reviews & ratings and much, much more.

Music Clone

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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Mass Coupon Submitter

Mass Coupon Submitter is a software solution to tedious Coupon Submissions. With one click blast, your new store details are submitted to 75 and counting Coupon Code and Voucher code websites full of hungry buyers looking for a deal.

You can increase your sales by submitting your “Online Store Coupon Code” to coupon submission sites by listing your coupon at a variety of coupon sites and you will be converting their traffic towards your site.

Couponing is cool now and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Shoppers are fully embracing and bragging about savings and discounts they are able to find online.

In today’s market, it’s very common for many shoppers to have coupon in hand, before venturing to the store. Think of your business in the same way… do you want to lose your business to your competitor simply because they are offering a coupon and you are not? Let’s face it, every penny counts and customers love deals!.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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